MEG assists high-achieving hospitals in improving quality and reducing risk by aligning with the highest standards of excellence

Delivering on a commitment to continuous quality improvement, patient-centred safety and quality excellence can be an administrative challenge. MEG’s integrated QMS modules support hospital Quality & Safety Managers in complying with the requirements for JCI’s Gold Seal of Approval®


JCI Tracers: are you accreditation-ready?

Use MEG’s digital tracers to internally audit your readiness for the on-site survey. Ask the right questions to pre-empt problems and breakdowns in care and instil a patient-safety mindset organisation-wide.


Digital patient (individual) tracers

Understand your level of compliance with the JCI standards, especially for complex treatment cases, using this patient-focused assessment tool. Follow the treatment path of an individual patient within the hospital using our standard tracers, or reconfigure them to best suit your needs.

Use MEG’s QIP tool to easily track your adherence to the standards set by JCI

Get a breakdown of measurable element (ME) scores by consultant or specialty; see areas of non-compliance on an aggregate level with MEG’s heat maps and prioritise and focus corrective actions.

  • Create a quality improvement action plan directly from tracer reports to better meet standards; set target metrics and deadlines, delegate and schedule tasks and responsibilities to colleagues.

  • Identify flaws and bottlenecks in a system and correct errors that may cause patient harm.


  • Whether it’s to build engagement, justify investment or prove a process is actually in place, easily demonstrate the impact of your continuous quality improvement over time with reports and analytics.

  • Identify the strengths of a process in its delivery of safe, high-quality care; share these learnings with relevant staff to get ‘buy-in’ for the accreditation process.

Digital system tracers

Use the data management, infection control and medication management system tracers to help address the process flow across the organisation:

  • including identifying risk patients and how they are managed.

  • identify areas that need improvement.

  • establish a baseline assessment of standards compliance.

  • highlight areas where education and additional training may be appropriate.

easily connect to JCI guidelines and reference documents

Use the integration with MEG’s Document Management module to host a digitised version of your JCI reference material and get instant access to the finer details of the standards wherever you are.

  • Quickly access and view reference material on any device, even in low connectivity areas.

  • Check your hospital’s local policies and SOPs in just a few clicks without leaving the MEG system.

  • Be assured all staff are working to the most current standards and best practice, with content updates automatically pushed to all devices from the master administrator.

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