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kerrill thornhill, FOUNDER

Kerrill is the founder and Chief Executive Officer. He has over 20 years experience in business development and design engineering in Ireland, the UK and Australia. As managing director of MEG, he has scoped, designed and implemented a range of medical software solutions which are used in hospitals in the UK, Ireland, US and Australia. His forte is managing teams of software developers and designers and he has a keen interest in how technology can be used to improve the delivery of healthcare.

Specialties: Project management, product design, medical software, contract negotiation, recruitment, business development, marketing, sales

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eamonn costello, managing director

Eamonn Costello has worked across product development, operations and sales intelecoms and e-commerce both in Ireland and the UK for the last 18 years, most recently as COO of XSellco, an e-commerce software as a service company. He also held senior roles in other software and telecom companies including eSellerPro and Tellabs. More recently moving into the development of medical technology, Eamonn has developed clinical support and audit tools for hospitals, specialising in patient engagement and medication adherence. While applying the learnings from previous digital industries, he delivers a high standard in connectivity and standardisation to connected health.

Specialties: Product design, project management, e-commerce, medical software, contract negotiation, recruitment and business development


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After graduating with a Masters Degree in Sydney Australia, Angela relocated to Ireland in 2000 and has gained extensive experience in product development and branding; specialising within a creative SME native company environment. Angela’s most recent role has been as a creative and marketing lead at artysmarty, the Irish craft women’s jewellery brand, creating a portfolio collection as well as working with clients such as The Victoria & Albert Museum, The British Library, Kilkenny stores, The National Gallery and IMMA. Her role at MEG is focused on building a global brand for MEG's clinical tools platform of products and developing a strong customer base in Ireland and internationally.

Specialties: Product development, customer relations, business development, online marketing, sales and branding.

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Michal is a passionate software engineer with 15 years experience who graduated from Dublin Institute of Technology first in class, and has won multiple awards and competitions during his study (Best Final Year Project, Games Fleadth). He has been part of MEG Support Tools team since 2013, currently overlooks the technical side of software projects as well as taking active part in software development as well. Michal is an avid cyclist, in his spare time he enjoys playing guitar, board games, traveling as well as tinkering on personal software projects, one of which is his game server Convoy Trucking.

Specialties: Django, Android, Python, iOS, Databases, Java, Linux



Anna Gularska, Content Manager

Anna holds a Master’s Degree from the Institute of Library and Information Science, Higher grade, in Digital Libraries where her thesis was “Digital books for blind people”. She has also completed postgraduate studies at the Faculty of Management, Computer Science and Finance where she wrote on the role of the Mentor in the process of adapting a new employee to the workplace”. During her studies, Anna worked for the Scientific Information Dept. at Wroclaw University Library. Since graduation, she has been working in the IT sector. This has included work as an e-commerce administrator for Medicsoft company and as an IT Support Engineer (User Authorization Support) with the Infrastructure and Operation Department for Volvo IT. As a new challenge, Anna decided to gain experience in back-end software development, testing, application content management and project Management. Anna focuses on User Experience and high standard, bug-free product development.

Specialties: User support, testing, project management, e-commerce, content management, HTML5, CSS, C#, Python


andrzej dabski, software developer

Having been immersed in computing since childhood, Andrew grew up as an ambitious student to the degree that he is now comfortable working in all major programming languages. Andrew is particularly interested in IT security and AI (NN).  At MEG, Andrew works mainly in AngularJS and Django.

Specialties: PHP, Java, Prolog, C/C++, and Python.