Health 2.0 Dublin Event

Health2Dublin is a health promotion and innovation group with branches all over the world.  This month, the Dublin branch is teaming up with Bayer and STEM4Health for the first event to be hosted at The Digital Hub in Dublin 8.  MEG Support Tools are located on this campus where our Founder / CEO, Kerill started his first business over 10 years ago.

This meet up will have great guests to talk about innovation in health and the Bayer Accelerator and Dealmaker Program from Grants4Apps.   The following topics and speakers will be followed by networking, pizza and refreshments; 

Innovation at Bayer // Itziar Canamasas, Managing Director, Bayer Ireland

Grants4Apps Program and Opportunities // Jesus del Valles Rosales, Global Grants4Apps Lead

Health Start-Ups in Ireland, My Personal Experience // Dr. Nina Byrnes, GP, Radio - TV Broadcaster, Author and Columnist

Don't forget to let us know you're coming;

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