2015 IMSTA Medtech awards


We are delighted to announce MEG's involvement as development partner with the Rotunda Maternity Hospital for the project "Thrombocalc", and with PatientBuddy developing a Transplant app with Beaumont Hospital.

Thrombosis Calculator - Postnatal VTE Risk Calculator

Won the Healthcare Innovation Award - in collaboration with the Rotunda Team "Thrombocalc" is an electronic risk assessment tool that facilitates improved compliance with assessing risk of potentially fatal blood clots in women after giving birth.  The unique skills MEG brought to the collaboration was in linking "Thrombocalc" with other hospital systems, to ensure consistency of data and improving patient safety.  

Patient Buddys Transplant App

win eHealth Award in collaboration with Beaumont Hospital

Patient Buddy is a patient self-management platform for Kidney Transplant patients to take control of their condition. The solution is empowering Kidney Transplant patients through a smartphone application with home monitoring and diagnostics, helping them to improve the lifespan of their Transplant and giving their transplant care team additional data to improve their care.