Mater University Hospital App Launch

mater image.png

We are happy to announce the newly released Mater Hospital Antimicrobial Guidelines App which offers staff easy access to the hospitals internal guidelines on their own smartphone devices, allowing their patients to receive the best care as efficiently as possible.

The app offers supporting information on how to prescribe antibiotics appropriately, provided in an introductory, with subsequent sections to cover antimicrobial treatment recommendations for a range of infections, from commonly encountered respiratory tract infections to severe sepsis and management of complex infections in patients with haematological conditions.

As well as being available on both iOS and Android devices, the guidelines are fully functional offline so that they are always available to members of staff. Hospital administrators have access to the MEG online content management system so that the app content can be modified in-house, keeping all of the guidelines up to date as and when they are approved by the relevant committees.  

Does this sound like something your organisation would benefit from? Please contact us at; | 01 697 1579 for further information.