MEG: Clinical Support Tools CDC HA-VTE Prevention Honorable Mention for Thrombocalc Project

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The CDC, Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, a US leading health agency advising on all aspects of health and wellbeing in the USA and globally, have awarded an Honourable Mention for the MEG and Rotunda Hospital’s Thrombocalc project.

The Rotunda Hospital in Dublin, Ireland had a patient population of almost 11,000 mother delivering babies in 2014 with venous thromboembolism (VTE) the leading cause of direct maternal death. Many of deaths may have been prevented if VTE risk assessment had been performed and appropriate anticoagulation prescribed.

The objective of the project was to develop and implement a user-friendly electronic VTE risk assessment tool for use in women after delivery, to increase the number of women who undergo formal VTE risk assessment and thereby improve the prevention of VTE in these women.

Thrombocalc has provided an easy to use and highly effective mechanism for rapid, accurate assessment of individual postnatal VTE risk. The midwives and nursing staff of the Rotunda Hospital, who have incorporated this risk assessment tool as part of their standard of care, have been instrumental to the successful implementation of this VTE preventative strategy. The team is currently validating an intranet version of Thrombocalc which was also developed in collaboration ourselves.

All of us in MedicalEGuides are delighted to have worked with the team in the Rotunda hospital to create the intranet version of the Thrombocalc over the last 2 years and to be associated with the the positive outcomes associated with the project.